Free Medical Alert Phone Scam

Posted by Admin on July 9, 2019

One of the most vile telephone scams out there specifically targets a group of citizens who are more vulnerable than most. Elderly people generally not only tend to have less money and are therefore desperate for any extra medical help they can get but also are more likely to be cognitively challenged so that it is even harder for them to identify a scammer when they call.

How The Free Medical Alert Phone Scam Work?

This scam involves the scammer allegedly providing free Life Alert systems. Life Alert is a well-known company that provides a major professional service by monitoring their clients and being able to contact emergency services if a problem develops. It is a system that has saved countless lives and allowed many more elderly people to remain living independently in their own homes rather than face the trials of assisted living. Because it does do so much good is one reason scammers use it to prey on their elderly victims.

Neither Life Alert or any of its lesser known competitors is free. While they are relatively affordable with basic services costing just $100 to $200 for installation and a reasonable $20 to $50 monthly fee, there are still many on fixed incomes that cannot afford the service at that.

Now enters the scammer. With age bringing on an increase in physical disabilities and a greater need for help in maintaining their autonomy, these senior citizens are ripe for the temptation of getting such an important service for little or nothing. As usual, the automated phone call gives its message and when the victim gives a callback, they are smoothly manipulated into exposing the personal information that is the primary goal of these thieves.

If you have an elderly loved one be sure to let them know that services like Life Alert never use the illegal robocall method but when interacting with potential clients always call in person. If you have gone so far as to actually receive a contract to be signed be sure to read it carefully as often in the fine print 'free' suddenly develops recurrent charges on your bank account or credit card.

It is always smart to take your time and be sure yo are talking to legitimate contact people before giving out information or credit card numbers. If you have been hit up with one of these Free Medical Alert scams, report them quickly to the Federal Trade Commission to help them in their quest to rid the world of such heinous offenders.

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